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Train Sapsan

How to get from St Petersburg to Moscow, the best way for your St Petersburg & Moscow private tour

Sapsan – the fastest train in Russia
The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow takes about 4 hours

The journey between St. Petersburg and Moscow can be done:

  • By plane (the flight is about an hour, but airports both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow are outside the city, so we must add the transfer time (1 hour in St. Petersburg and about 2.5 hours in Moscow)
  • Overnight train (7 hours) , the best ones are the 'Red Arrow' (leaves at 23.45 , arrives at 7.30) and the 'Nikolaevskiy Express'
  • The high speed train 'Sapsan' (goes 6 times a day) - and is the best option (the locals tend to use it ☺)

APPROXIMATE PRICE for train and plane tickets MOSCOW - PETERSBURG

  • Tickets plane approx 70-150 euro per person (depends on the date, flight, etc.)
  • Night Trains – 'Red Arrow' or 'Nickolaevskiy Express' (sleeping car), 2nd class (compartment for 4 people) = 90-130 euros per person (depending on the date), 1st class (compartment for 2 people) = approx 170-250 euro per person
  • High speed train 'Sapsan'
  • Economy Class (2) approx 80-120 euros per person (depends on the date, for example, Friday night is almost 50 % more expensive than the Monday night ☺ )
  • Business Class (1) approx 150-200 euros per person

Sapsan high speed trains information

Started operating in 2009. These trains are built by the German company Siemens. Sapsan is a Russian word for the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the falcon family, so it was an appropriate name for this new train, which can reach the speed of up to 250 km per hour. The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow takes about 4 hours.

SAPSAN trains depart simultaneously from St. Petersburg to Moscow and from Moscow to St. Petersburg in the morning, at noon and in the evening (departures 6.45 , 7.00 , 13.30 , 15.00 , 19.25 and 19.45 ). Each train has 10 cars, two of which are 1 class, seven - second class and one car - restaurant. Services of the 1st class include a hot meal, with a choice of several options, as well as press and a travel case. The total number of seats in SAPSAN train is 554. In the car # 06 there are seats for disabled, space for a wheelchair and a toilet for disabled.

Sapsan services and characteristics:

Second-class carriage Sapsan has the following services:
-Leather seats with adjustable backrest and footrest
-Individual electric light
-The folding table

First-class carriage Sapsan has the same amenities + the following additional services:
-Built-in audio-visual unit
-Socket (between the seats) for portable computers;
-The toilet set
-Hot lunch

Foto Night Trains – ‘Red Arrow’ and ‘Nickolaevskiy Express’: